The office conceived a design approach oriented lo look at the site specific conditions: we try to read in deep all the levels of the reality interfering in a place. We come up with a story to tell, a bespoke reading of the sites, their conditions, characteristics, answers to incoming pressures, dynamics and forces. A story, not about the past but about the future: a framework able to reveal a possibile new condition to come.

We have a long term experience in working with the public administration, ensuring a capacity in envisioning urban solutions taking into account the physical impact of the transformations expected. We use to work to large and complex urban development plans with an high level of attention to the final physical organisation of the built environment inside the actual development processes.

Our projects envision new landscapes where buildings and open spaces interfere deeply, and new natural elements may appear in the urban contexts. We conceive buildings as direct answers to the emerging conditions of the sites. They try to clarify some aspects we read in advance.

Our projects are simple, but articulated in some crucial aspects we focus on: the open spaces and the intermediate spaces, the connections, the ground floor articulation and its vitality, and, in general, the urban effect of every intervention.

Furthermore, we use to intervene on existing buildings searching for specific new balances between new elements and the old fabric, leveraging on their structure, construction techniques and materials.

Andrea De Matteis
1975 born in Piacenza (Italy)
2000 MSc with honors in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
since 2000 member of the AIP Lab – Architecture / Infrastructure / Landscape at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano
2000 EU Licensed Architect
2001 Registered Architect in Italy
2001/2006 Training in architectural offices
2001/2006 Teaching Assistant in Politecnico di Milano
2007 PhD in Urban Projects and Policies, Politecnico di Milano
since 2007 Adjunct Professor at the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
2009 invited professor at Domus Academy – Master course in Urban Management and Architectural Design
2009 consultant for Comune di Milano – Settore Progetti Strategici
since 2010 collaborator of AMAT – Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente Territorio di Milano

2017 Gold Mention, “Observatory houses” Young Architects Competitions
2013 Short list project, Competition “Tra Pubblico e Privato: nuove forme del vivere, del lavorare e dell’abitare” MHS Spa
2009 Second prize, “Europan 10. Inventing urbanity: regeneration – revitalization – colonization” Europan Swiss
2007 Short list project, Competition “Una piazza per San Giorgio Piacentino” Comune di San Giorgio Piacentino
2007 Honourable Mention, “Europan 9. Sustainable city and new public spaces” Europan Norway